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5 tips to nail your confetti shots

The confetti shots are some of our most favourite photos to take. They’re fun, colourful and full of love and laughter, the epitome of a good wedding day!

Here are our top 5 tips to make sure you get the photos you’ve been dreaming of!

What kind and how much?

In our opinions, the more the better! Most people don’t bring their own confetti to wedding nowadays, so make sure you stock up with plenty to go around! We’d recommend at least one big handful per person.

In term of size, go for medium to large sized confetti, if it’s too small the camera might not pick it up!

Colour is another decision to make, white is classic, but if you want a pop of colour then go for a mix of the rainbow!

Oh, and you don't have to stick with 'traditional' confetti if you don't want to, bubbles are a great alternative. Or, if you have another idea, just go with it! It's your day after all.

Keep your head up

It seems only natural to lower your head when someone is throwing something at you. But think, what will that look like in pictures? Try to keep your head up - we promise, it won’t hurt!

Go green

Most confetti you can buy is now eco-friendly, either dissolvable paper or dried petals and there is plenty of choice out there. You can also try making your own! Why not dry your own petals? Or buy a cute paper punch from a craft shop and use dried fallen leaves for that Autumn/Winter look.

Have more than one round of confetti

Love the confetti shots? Then why not have multiple confetti moments? A confetti cannon during your first dance or whilst you’re cutting the cake are great options. Or why not keep some confetti behind for after your big group shot? 1, 2, 3… throw!

Enjoy it

As usual, any photo will look ten times better when you’re happy and having a great time, so just enjoy it!


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